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Here you will find a wide range of secondhand machinery at the touch of a button. The advantages of secondhand machinery include small investment, short payback periods, higher ROI as well as only a
small reduction in value when resold.

In order to give you a solid basis for your purchase decision we issue
all machines with an appropriate IGMS Quality Certificate that
describes the machine’s condition precisely (for more see Service &

With us you have the possibility to order comprehensive packages:
e.g. a completely refurbished machine, plus delivery, installation, and
training. Reliable after sales service also comes standard. Send us your inquiry and we will put together a suitable quote!

In conclusion, here is a brief overview of the individual stages of insulating glass production:

1. Edge Deletion
For grinding off the edges of soft-coated glass, as butyl (the 1st sealant) does not agree with the coating.
2. Washing Machine
For vertical washing of coated and uncoated glass.

3. Frame assembly station
Here the aluminum spacer that has already been coated with butyl is mounted onto the first panel either manually or automatically.

4. Press
Here a distinction is made between continuous or roller presses, sheet presses, gas filling presses, and assembly presses. Depending on the type, the press can either only grout, or also assemble, or additionally fill the inside space of the insulating glass sheets with gas.

5. Sealing (automatic or manual)
Here the 2nd sealant is applied, i.e. the sheet is sealed. This can be done with silicon (Si), polysulphide (Ps) or with polyurethane (Pu), depending on the machine’s configuration. Some types are designed for two different materials. In most cases this is a two-component adhesive system comprising a base and a curing agent. 

6. Butyl Extruder (automatic or manual)
Used to apply the 1st sealant. Butyl is a single-component adhesive that is applied laterally to the aluminium frame by means of extrusion at approx. 120° C.

7. Profile Bending Machine
Used to bend spacers that can nowadays be made of stainless steel or plastic, as well as aluminum, or a combination of all three.

8. Profile Saw
Used to manufacture cut-to-length profiles for spacers in situations where you wish to create spacers with corner keys (often used when special forms are required or at plants without a profile bending machine).




machine type

Cutting table
  Washing machine
  Insulating glass
  Glass handling

Desired Condition


All our machines are issued with an appropriate IGMS Quality Certificate that describes their condition precisely. Here is an overview of our five Certificates:

Certificate I
Refurbished individual machine/production line

Certificate II
Machine/production line from current production

Certificate III
Good condition

Certificate IV
Individual machine/production line in need of refurbishment

Certificate V
Individual machine/production line, without performance guarantee, sold as is

Please find the details on these  Certificates here.

Please register here if you wish to obtain a quote for a particular machine.


The IGMS Quality Certificate
All our machines are issued with an appropriate IGMS Quality Certificate that describes each machine’s condition precisely. Please find more information on this subject and on Warranty and Service here.

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