Are you looking for a
complete production line?

Welcome to the IGMS searchable database!

Here you will find a wide range of secondhand production lines at the touch of a button. The advantages of secondhand machinery include small investment, short payback periods, higher ROI as well as only a small reduction in value when resold.

In order to give you a solid basis for your purchase decision, we issue
all production lines with an appropriate IGMS Quality Certificate that
describes each line’s condition precisely (for more see Service &

With us you have the possibility to order comprehensive packages:
e.g. a completely refurbished line, including delivery, installation, and
training. Our reliable after sales service also comes standard. Send
us your inquiry and we will put together a suitable quote!

In conclusion, here is a brief overview of Types/Capacity Categories
of production lines:

1. Semi-automatic
200 to 300 pieces per shift. Here the assembly of the frame, butyl application and sealing is carried out manually.

2. Automatic
400 to 800 pieces per shift. Here the frame is assembled manually, but the possibility of automatic sealing is provided.

3. Fully Automatic
800+ pieces. With automatic frame assembly, automatic glass-feeding to washing machine/edge deletion possible. Here everything happens automatically with a minimal number of personnel.


Maximum Size of Sheets Produced


Line Configuration


Line Capacity

  Desired Condition    

All our machines are issued with an appropriate IGMS Quality Certificate that describes their condition precisely. Here is an overview of our five Certificates:

Certificate I
Refurbished individual machine/production line

Certificate II
Machine/production line from current production

Certificate III
Good condition

Certificate IV
Individual machine/production line in need of refurbishment

Certificate V
Individual machine/production line,
without performance guarantee, sold as is

Please find the details on these Certificates here.

Please register here if you wish to obtain a quote for a particular machine.

The IGMS Quality Certificate
All our production lines are issued with an appropriate IGMS Quality Certificate that describes each production line’s condition precisely. Please find more information on this subject and on Warranty and Service here.
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